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Part of the joy of skiing is perfecting your downhill form. Unfortunately, that usually involves a very expensive private lesson with video showing you all the things you’ve done wrong after the fact. Snowcookie can give you that information while you’re actually on the slopes.
The Snowcookie system involves two sensors placed on your skis and placing your iPhone with the installed companion app towards the middle of your chest
Once you get the system set up it tracks your skis and your body position and gives you dynamic feedback via your headphones. The company is also working on an app for the Recon HUD goggles for the ultimate on-slope data for hard-core skiers.
Better: Snowcookie dynamically assess skier’s body position and technique and provides live coaching through your headphones. More advanced skiers will benefit from detailed telemetry report available on their smartphones at the end of the skiing day or training sessions.

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Safer: Snowcookie monitors skier’s fatigue level, muscle reaction time and movement dynamics. It will alert you when it senses that you’re not performing your best and recommend that you should perhaps take a break and give up on that last ride.