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EPFL Innovation Park
CH-1015 Lausanne
Phone: +41(0)21 693 86 81
SWISSto12 supplies components for microwave, millimetre-wave and TeraHertz (THz) signal transmission, such as

  • 3D printed RF antennas
  • 3D printed waveguides
  • 3D prinded mm-waveguides
  • Material characterization kit

Swissto12 Product


The product portfolio includes:

  1. Additive manufactured (3D Printed) antenna, waveguide and filter components for microwave and mm-wave signals. Monolithic components are 3D printed out of advanced plastic materials and subsequently metal plated. SWISSto12’s proprietary and innovative manufacturing technique allows for: reduced costs, reduced lead times, reduced component weight, increase in RF design flexibility.
  2. A Material Characterization Kit (MCK) that enables mm-wave and THz material permittivity and permeability measurements.
  3. Corrugated waveguides and adaptors for low-loss mm-wave and THz signal transmission.