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Uberchord is a unique platform that makes learning guitar both fun and easy. Using exclusive technology, the App literally “listens” to you play and gives instant analysis & feedback like no other app currently available. Even complex chords were flawlessly recognized in real time. Uberchord’s technology is an indispensable companion for both novice and experienced guitar players.

Uberchord developed a revolutionary audio recognition technology and a completely new didactics to convey not only instrumental technique but also musical understanding through practical exercises. The team has been working hard on a truly new way to approach the process of learning an instrument. What started out as a passion three years ago, turned professional in 2012 and is currently in the second round of seed funding.

UberChord Product

The first product based on our new technology, Uberchord for iOS, is a sophisticated guitar chord trainer, launched in April 2015.
Special applications: Realtime Audio Signal Analysis, Music Theory, iOS Mobile Applications, Software Development, Music Education, Music Technology, Education Technology, Guitar