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DIGITALTECH – Switzerland

Current stage:  Scale-up


Codecheck founded in June 2014 is based in Zurich and offers a free App that scores food and cosmetics products to learn about ingredients, sustainability and needs.


The Invisible Danger: Hidden Polymers in Cosmetic Products

January 24th, 2020|

Many health and environmental issues are caused by our consumption. This is often due to a lack of awareness and information. At CodeCheck they are building a world where consumers can easily find products that are good for their health and for the future of our planet.

Diese App sagt bedenklichen Inhaltsstoffen den Kampf an

January 9th, 2020|

Was haben Acryllack und Weichspüler gemeinsam? Auf den ersten Blick nicht viel. Nimmt man jedoch die Inhaltsstoffe der Produkte genauer unter die Lupe, fällt auf, dass beide ein Biozid enthalten können, das ein hohes Allergiepotenzial aufweist und am Arbeitsplatz deshalb nur in geringer Konzentration erlaubt ist.

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