SWISSto12, a provider of telecommunications components for the satellite and aerospace industries, has completed a CHF 18.1M (USD 18.5M) Series B financing round led by Swisscanto Invest and Swisscom Ventures and returning investor Constantia New Business. The funds will help accelerate the company’s industrialization and the commercial deployment of antenna products for communication satellites.

In addition to accelerating industrialization and the commercial deployment of antenna products for communication satellites, SWISSto12 will direct the funding toward the introduction of new advanced communication payloads for the SmallSat market as well as continue the expansion of its recently opened offices in the U.S. and Israel. Furthermore, SWISSto12 will explore first opportunities in terrestrial communications such as 5G.
The investment in SWISSto12 is a major milestone for Swisscanto Invest, the investment arm of the Zürcher Kantonalbank that was launched in 2018 to invest primarily in Swiss growth companies in the expansion phase. It is the first financing after the first investment in GetYourGuidde via a secondary transaction in May. Other participants in the round include Swisscom Ventures and returning investor Constantia New Business (CNB), an independent technology investor based in Vienna, Austria.

Additive manufacturing (3D-printing) provides a unique opportunity for next-generation equipment onboard communication satellites. With SWISSto12’s innovative solutions, satellite communication operators gain high-performance, lightweight, and highly customizable products, opening a new area in payload engineering. The technology also brings new design and manufacturing possibilities that SWISSto12 has mastered after development and successful space qualification of its patents.

In a very short amount of time, SWISSto12 has convinced the aerospace and satellite communities of its high level of expertise and its ability to deliver on the promise of space ready, 3D-printed radio frequency communication products. As the company also moves into the SmallSat and constellation markets, SWISSto12 is the market leader providing high-performing and versatile payload products based on their mastery of the additive manufacturing technology. Their expertise, innovative processes, and customer focus combine to make SWISSto12 an engineering thought-leader in this space.

The Board of Directors is delighted to welcome Swisscanto Invest and Swisscom Ventures, which together with CNB constitute the first-class pool of experienced, global investors, committed to the long-term success of SWISSto12. These major institutional investors will contribute to strengthening a sustainable ramp-up capacity for SWISSto12. ramp-up capacity for SWISSto12.