Every year, the internet of things reaches further into everything. This year the surprising and perhaps crazy new market is smart skis, as Snowcookie is announcing today it has created smart ski technology that can track and analyze how you are skiing.

Switzerland-based Snowcookie said it can track 105 parameters about how you are skiing, such as your carving, style, and body position. You can get actionable insights about how to improve as you hit the slopes. Yes, I think that’s more than I want to know about my skiing.

The product is available in the U.S. and Canada. And it has already been used by the Swiss, Japanese, and the U.S. alpine racing teams as part of an effort to refine the technology and “revolutionize the world of skiing.”

Snowcookie independently captures the motion of the body and the skis with three Oreo-sized devices, one worn on user’s chest and the other two attached to the skis. Packing a full suite of sensors that stream motion data to an A.I.-powered app for iPhone, Snowcookie tracks just about everything you could want to know.
On top of this, Snowcookie allows you to challenge yourself and compare your runs with 3D-rendered maps that let you zoom into every single turn.

“Snowcookie is for those passionate skiers who want to improve their technique faster and measure what was previously impossible to observe. With Snowcookie you can explore your skiing abilities and get better with each run,” said Martin Kawalski, CEO of Snowcookie, in a statement.
Snowcookie was developed and tested in the Swiss Alps in collaboration with Intel and Red Bull Media House. So far only the skiing pros have been using it. Recreational skiers can now grab their own Snowcookie sets for $449.