This year’s Swiss startup national startup team traveling to Silicon Valley comprises ten startups from the fields of agrotech, big data, quantum technologies and the internet of things. During the one-week trip, the startups will explore the American market with the goal of securing partners, attract investments, and lay a solid foundation for their expansion.

The Venturelab team received 130 entries in the call for applications for the Silicon Valley trip. During the selection phase, the jury identified ten startups that will best represent Switzerland in Silicon Valley. The startups offer solutions spanning from a broad spectrum of fields such as agrotech, big data, quantum technologies and the internet of things.

During the roadshow, the startups will attend various meetings with top-notch investors and industry leaders to accelerate their expansion into the U.S. market. Experts will also support them in building global business networks.

The 2019 cohort includes the following startups and their founders;

9T Labs, Martin Eichenhofer (Zurich) – developed a 3D printer that processes carbon composites. The carbon-fiber printing technology advances lightweight design by simplifying the use of high-performance materials.

AgroSustain, Olga Dubey (Epalinges) is developing and commercializing novel, efficient, plant-inspired treatments against a broad range of plant fungal pathogens for post-harvest applications.

ElectricFeel, Moritz Meenen (Zurich) – provides a white-label system to launch and operate shared electric mobility systems.

MapTiler, Petr Pridal (Zug) – offers street and satellite maps to businesses that need cartography integrated with their services. The software can process aerial and satellite imagery or geo-data, and integrate customer-supplied data into the maps.

Microcaps, Alessandro Ofner (Zurich) – developed a device and technology for the production of microparticles and microcapsules used to protect active materials, such as drugs in medicine and fragrances in creams.

Mirrakoi, Daniel Schmitter (Lausanne) – offers CAD software solution that simulates real-world physical contact during the 3D digital modeling process and enables everyone with an idea to become a designer.

MOBBOT, Agnès Petit (Fribourg) – offers a fully digitalized process from a 3D scan of the open trench to custom-made concrete products made with additive manufacturing.

Qnami, Mathieu Munsch (Basel) – develops and commercializes solutions for sensing and imaging applications using synthetic diamond and quantum technologies.

Seervision, Nikos Kariotoglou (Zurich) – provides video analysis algorithms for real-time object recognition and scene segmentation. With this technology, multi-camera robot setups can perform all traditional camera work tasks autonomously.

WECHEER, Karim Choueiri (Lausanne) – combines the internet-of-things, big data, and social media to transform marketing in the beverage industry to bring brands the closest to consumers.