US technology company takes over Struckd

Struckd has built the first and largest mobile games development platform with a catalogue of more than one million games. An undisclosed American company has now acquired the company.


Struckd was established in 2016 by Silvan Bauser and Flurin Jenal during their participation in the Swiss Startup Factory’s first accelerator batch. With the vision of democratizing game development, they built Struckd, the first so far the largest mobile games development platform that allows users to create, share and play games on their mobile phones. Its elaborate and easy-to-use creation tool allows anyone with a smartphone to create their titles.

Currently available on Android and iOS across the globe, the platform has attracted more than 6 million players to date, creating a new title every two minutes on average. In March this year, the company surpassed the 1 million mark of games created via its game creation tool. The game portfolio includes more than 1.2 million titles ranging from racing and role-play games to complex multiplayer titles, with the most popular ones reaching over 1 million active users.

An unrevealed American company has acquired Struckd, as reported by the Swiss Startup Group (SSUG), which indicated that the purchase was concluded in a silent transaction. Details of the deal remain undisclosed. The startup has its headquarters in Zurich and offices in Berlin, Germany.

US technology company takes over Struckd (

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